Website design, Literature & Stationary

Established in 1976, Starbank is best known as the UK's premier laminate fabricator and specialist-postformed and CNC component manufacturer for the washroom and furniture industries and beyond.

In order to help Starbank structure its marketing effort and address the key specification market Tetra Marketing has undertaken a long term programme of activities. This started with a detailed marketing audit and the preparation of a detailed marketing plan and strategy. On the back of the planning process we have undertaken a number of activities including the design and build of a website, the production of a series of focused brochures divided into different product groups as well as flyers, email marketing, case study development and advertising & PR campaigns. We also undertook a complete overhaul of the Starbank brand by developing a fresher, sharper and revitalised logo and branding scheme which has helped the company raise brand awareness in the marketplace over the last few years.