Medical Air Technology

Website Design & Literature

Medical Air Technology (MAT) is a specialist manufacturer of clean air technology and ancillary products for operating theatres, research laboratories and aseptic suites. Tetra was initially sought out to help revitalise the MAT marketing effort and this was geared around the development of a comprehensive marketing plan, which developed the communications messages and tactical actions that would need to be implemented in order to compete more effectively.

Ongoing activity culminated in a landmark product launch for a new energy saving ultraclean canopy across multiple channels which redefined the marketing benchmark for the sector. Using the leading sector exhibition as a platform and spanning all channels from email to print, from carefully coordinated press releases to in-show advertising also literature and high-tech 3D animations. We helped ensure that the new ultraclean canopy product made maximum impact on its launch into the market. This has been followed up with tracking metrics and a sustained media campaign to build on the momentum already generated.