Website Design, Animation, Literature and Exhibitions

Dantec is a world leader in the manufacture of composite hose products used for fuel and chemical transfer. Following a manangement buy-out of the company, there was a specific requirement for a complete international and export marketing support service to help the company expand into new global markets. Tetra provided marketing advice and guidance to the client in the early stages as well as developing a comprehensive international marketing strategy, following up with implementation using its in-house team of graphic designers, web programmers and PR copywriters.

Having already designed and printed a corporate brochure and other literature, Tetra then defined key target countries and managed the professional translation of this literature as well as tightly defining packages of localised distributor support material. Dantec has been massively impressed as this kind of responsiveness would be hard to replicate even within much bigger companies with their own in-house marketing and translation teams. This kind of joined up approach offers great flexibility and instant on-hand expertise to any regional SMEs and manufacturing companies looking to take their first tentative steps into the export arena. Tetra is also completing a full product launch for a vital premium range product and has built this around an international show at which Tetra will be building a high profile exhibition stand to use as a platform for the launch.